March is Women’s History Month

This month and every month, let’s celebrate the achievements and uplift women, while reflecting on the greatness of our accomplishments.

Since 1908 when Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded, its members have made an impact during the Suffrage movement, the civil rights era, and throughout history. Alpha Kappa Alpha women have been in the forefront of effecting change as trailblazers and history makers.

As the oldest and largest sorority of college-educated, predominately African-American women, Alpha Kappa Alpha women have played a major role in shaping history through their advocacy and achievements. Our members serve in the highest level of government, business, education, civil rights, social services, and athletics.

Some of our impacts on history include:

Lucy Diggs Slowe – first African-American to win a national championship in any sport (tennis)

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – president of Liberia and the first female to serve as head of an Africa nation

Phylicia Rashad – the first African-American woman to win a Best Actress Tony Award for a dramatic leading role

Dr. Mae Jemison – the first woman of color to be launched into space

Althea Gibson – the first African American to win a grand slam in tennis

Pauletta Brown Blueitt – first African-American female to achieve the rank of colonel in Air Force Medical Service Corps

Rev. Leontine T. C. Kelly – first African-American female bishop; second female bishop in the United Methodist Church